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Interactive Machine Learning Toolbox

A set of tools written in javascript for Interactive Machine Learning. The toolbox has been primarily developed as a pedagogical tool. It is a collaboration with Jules Fran├žoise.

  • Github repo: tba

Cortical Timbre Library

The coritcial timbre library is a set of tools developed mostly in Python used in the article "Cortical modeling of context effects in perceived differences among complex sounds". The software has been developed in collaboration with Etienne Thoret.

Gesture Variation Follower (GVF)

GVF is a C++ library for realtime gesture recognition and realtime tracking of gesture variations. The library can be interfaced in creative programming environment such as Max/MSP, PureData or openFrameworks. Examples are provided online. The GVF library is under LGPLv3 licence.

Gestural Sound Toolkit

The toolkit gathers a collection of Max/MSP patches and objects for easy and fast gesture-to-sound scenarios prototyping. It includes receivers from motion capture systems, signal processing modules, machine learning modules, and sound synthesis modules. Overview patch on the right.