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CNRS researcher at the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR), Sorbonne Université in Paris. I am a member of the HCI Sorbonne group

I conduct interdisciplinary research in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) where I study human-centred approaches to machine learning in art applications, movement learning and health. My recent work has focused on interactive and collaborative machine learning with the general public, artists or domain experts, the use of ML as an aid to learning, human-IA trust, and the study of practices and politics of AI in the creative and cultural sectors.

Short Bio

I am currently a CNRS researcher (CRCN) at ISIR, Sorbonne Université in Paris, in the HCI Sorbonne group. I received a PhD in Computer Music from University Pierre et Marie Curie and IRCAM in 2012. I have worked at Goldsmiths College, University of London and McGill University, as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow. I joined CNRS (CR1) in 2018 at LRI (now LISN), Université Paris-Saclay. Since 2015, I have been a senior researcher then consultant at Mogees ltd. I am involved in an European endeavour studying the use of AI in the Creative and Cultural sectors. Finally, I am collaborating on art projects, being an associate member of the Fronte Vaccuo collective.


  • 12-2022 Oleksandra Vereschak successfully defended her PhD "Understanding Human-AI Trust in the Context of Decision Making through the Lenses of Academia and Industry: Definitions, Factors, and Evaluation"
  • 12-2022 Invited Talk at the Cultures of AI Conference - New Perspectives for Museums. Badisches Landesmuseum, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 11-2022 Invited Talk at Coding Collective, University of York, UK
  • 09-2022 Invited Talk at Naver Labs Europe in Grenoble, France.
  • 06-2022 Téo Sanchez successfully defended his PhD "Interactive Machine Teaching with and for Novices"
  • 04-2022 Miguel Renom successfully defended his PhD "Theoretical bases of human tool use in digital environments"
  • 03-2022 Best Paper Honourable Mention Award at ACM CHI'22 for a theoretical paper in HCI, "Exploring Technical Reasoning in Digital Environments"
  • 03-2022 Best Paper Award at IUI'22 for "Deep learning uncertainty in machine teaching" pdf
  • 02-2022 Premiere of the piece Humane Methods [ΣXHALE] at CTM in Berlin. "Piece exposing algorithmic violence by questioning the responsibilities of both artificial intelligence and one's own"
  • 01-2022 Article with Téo Sanchez, Pierre Thiel and Wendy Mackay on "Deep learning uncertainty in machine teaching" accepted to ACM IUI'22
  • 01-2022 Article with Miguel Renom and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon on "Exploring Technical Reasoning in Digital Tool Use" accepted to ACM CHI'22
  • 10-2021 Our CSCW'21 paper on Human-AI Trust in AI-assisted decision makin received a Best Paper Honourable Mention
  • 03-2021 The current issue of Nature Human Behavior chose to feature our work on musical timbre perception on the cover!
  • 03-2021 Speaking at the French days for HCI and AI
  • 02-2021 Vaynee Sungeelee is starting a PhD on "Interactive Reinforcement Learning", within my ANR-funded project ARCOL
  • 02-2021 Tow papers accepted at CSCW'21 (social computing conference) on Machine Teaching by Novices (led by Téo Sanchez) and Dance Piece Restaging (led by JP Rivière)
  • 01-2021 Hugo Scurto is starting a post-doc project on breathing-based interaction with me, in collaboration with Thomas Similowski (Hopital Salpetrière) and Samuel Bianchini (ENSAD)
  • 10-2020 Moving to a new lab: ISIR at Sorbonne Université! Working in the excellent HCI Sorbonne group


  • 2020-2024 ARCOL Interactive Human-Machine Co-learning. ANR-funded project (French National Agency for Research), Individual Fellowship for Young Researcher, Coordinator -
  • 2018-2022 ELEMENT Enhancing Learnability in Embodied Interaction. ANR-funded project (French National Agency for Research), PI for LRI (coordinator: IRCAM), funded within the French AI Program -
  • 2021 Spiropathies: Intelligent System for Breathing Care, post-doc position funded by the Health & Technology Institute at Sorbonne University.
  • 2018 INTACT Human-AI Interaction in Artistic Practices. CNRS funding for exploratory research, PEPS S2IH.
  • 2016-2018 MIM Enhancing Motion Interaction. Marie Sklodowska Individual Fellowship.


Post-doc (current and former)

  • Théo Jourdan - researcher in ML, privacy, music technology
  • Hugo Scurto - artist and researcher in sound, ML, interaction, working on Spiropathies
  • Antoine Loriette - researcher in Human-Computer Interaction, Movement-based Interaction, working on ARCOL

PhD Student (current and former)

  • Behnoosh Mohammadzadeh - "Collaborative Machine Teaching" - Started October 2022
  • Vaynee Sungeelee - "Interactive Reinforcement Co-Learning" - Started Feburary 2021
  • Oleksandra Vereschak - "Trust in Human-AI Interaction" - (started October 2019 - defended 12/2022)
  • Téo Sanchez - "Co-Learning in Interactive Systems" - (started September 2018 - defended 06/2022)
  • Miguel Renom Roldan - "Theoretical bases of human tool use in digital environments" -(started October 2018 - defended 04/2022)
  • Jean-Philippe Rivière - thesis: "Facilitating Dance Movement Learning through Interactive Feedbacks" - (started October 2017 - defended 12/2020)