CNRS Researcher at LRI, Univ. Paris-Sud, University Paris-Saclay, member of the INRIA-affiliated Team Ex-Situ

Office 206, Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique (LRI)
Bât 650, Rue Noetzlin, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Contact: firstname . lastname @

I am conducting interdisciplinary research at the intersection of Embodied Interaction and Machine Learning in a creative context.
With my students and colleagues, we create machine learning-based systems for understanding rich inputs such as human movements, and which allow for end-user appropriation in a creative setting. The challenge of the creative context is that the end-goal, in a given 'task', can be unclear to the user and may not be initially 'allowed' by the system. The key idea is to allow the system to adapt to the user and the user to be guided by the system. This is critical in movement-based practices like music and dance. Applications of this research include the design of movement-based digital musical instruments, technology-mediated dance movement learning, interactive systems for motor rehabilitation. In this application areas, typical constraints on the machine learning models we developed are: low data ressources (for training), fast inference (for testing), or interpretability. We used Bayesian models and different form of learning such as iterative learning, active learning or reinforcement learning. Finally, we also use these systems to research more theoretical questions on human behaviour such as the multifaceted nature of movement variability and its role on motor skill acquisition.
I received a PhD in Computer Science from University Pierre et Marie Curie and IRCAM in 2012. From 2012 to 2015, I worked at Goldsmiths College (University of London) as a research associate. In 2015, I worked for the London-based start-up Mogees Ltd as senior research scientist before starting a Marie Curie Research fellowship between McGill University and IRCAM from 2016 - 2017.


  • 16-03-18 | Leading the writing of a white paper on "AI in Creative Industries" with Fabien Lotte (Inria Bordeaux) and Joost Geurts (Inria Bordeaux), for the New European Media
  • 06-03-18 | Joining the Editorial Board of Plos ONE as academic editor
  • 01-03-18 | Plos ONE paper on the role of movement variability on music skill learning is available online
  • 20-02-18 | 1yr CNRS funding for exploratory research (PEPS S2IH 2018) accepted, titled "Human-AI Interaction in Creativity"
  • 01-02-18 | Collaborative paper on "First-Person Perspectives in Design" pubilshed in Informatics
  • 29-06-17 | Corpus Nil Performance presented at MOCO'17 with M. Donnarumma
  • 04-06-17 | Delivering a workshop on Machine Learning for Psychology Researchers at the Montreal Institute of Neurology.
  • 22-05-17 | Corpus Nil received an award at Ars Electronica Award link


  • Jean-Philippe Rivière, PhD student working on "Facilitating Dance Movement Learning through Interactive Feedbacks", started October, 2017, co-supervised with Sarah Fdili Alaoui and Wendy Mackay
  • Téo Sanchez, MSc student working on "Active learning for supporting movement-based creative interaction", started February 2018.


  • CNRS-funded project INTACT (PEPS S2IH 2018), 02/2018-02/2019
  • EU project MIM (H2020-MSCA-IF-2014, GA no. 659232), Individual Fellowship, 01/2016-12/2018